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DC Listening Lounge began in the fall of 2004 by like-minded audio enthusiasts as an informal place to listen, experiment and learn more about the art and craft of sound. We continue to meet once a month in DC living rooms to share and listen to one another's latest audio finds- and to continue an ongoing conversation about sound and creative storytelling.

We always welcome curious visitors, eager listeners, and sound enthusiasts of all stripes and types. To join our mailing list or learn more about our monthly meetings, email us.

Highlights from the August Lounge
Real stories overhead about rats on leashes in a well known grocery store chain were brought to DCLL ears by Jocelyn (apologies, its kind of gross). Tom shared some sonic soothers, from his international layered piano series- this one from London Pianos. Also some duets and trios of night frogs in harmony and demonstrating advanced principles in poly-rhythmic awesomeness. He closed with a lamp-shade-gong-song (twice, because we all wanted to hear it again) from a commercial project he's composed for a lamp store. Ellen, gave us an audio "screening" of the DCLL submission for the 24 hr KCRW Radio Challenge. Pet peeves never sounded so good. Cameos by DCLL members were enjoyed by all. George brought it home (well, it was home already since it was at his home) with Charlie Parr live performance recordings demonstrating the art of 'small and close'- small recorders, positioned in tight yielding great results.
Other memorable moments include discussing the melodies of integers and the talents of Senate stenographers.
Hope you cam make it to add your sounds and laughs and thoughtful replies to the September Lounge! (see above)


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