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January Lounge Highlights

DC Listening Lounge began in the fall of 2004 by like-minded audio enthusiasts as an informal place to listen, experiment and learn more about the art and craft of sound. We continue to meet once a month in DC living rooms to share and listen to one another's latest audio finds- and to continue an ongoing conversation about sound and creative storytelling.

We always welcome curious visitors, eager listeners, and sound enthusiasts of all stripes and types. To join our mailing list or learn more about our monthly meetings, email us.


If you missed it, here are some highlights from the January meeting courtesy of Amy.
DCLL Meeting Notes, 1/13/15

Jimmy had an idea to discuss:
His wife, Rebecca, works at Natural History Museum (head of education), used to be a live radio show produced on the stage there in the 1930's - science themed.
Smithsonian is thinking about bringing it back, and Jimmy & Rebecca are thinking of putting together a proposal. They're open to ideas/feedback from folks like us in DCLL!

We brainstormed some ideas:

Radio dramas?
Would need good writers who could write multiple episodes...maybe a foley artist and a band...?
Play excerpts from 1930's shows, have a science expert host, who can talk about how the scientific knowledge is different today...

Group discussed the new NPR show Invisibilia.


Jimmy - Shared a remix of song by his fave artist Daniel Lanois, called Souix Lookout. He created the remix for a contest that the artist is doing for the best remix of his song. The prize is a Skype conversation with Daniel. Good luck, Jimmy! Here's the original & contest info

Jimmy shared recordings of a DCLL visit to the Dupont Underground. Very creepy-cool sounds. Group discussed potential for the space as an arts venue (the organization The Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground (ACDU)signed a 5-yr lease with the city in December).

Nate - He's a drummer and can't play drums in his house...so he's been creating cassette tape loops, which he then uses as source material in projects. He shared several short loops, and explained how he does it. An example

Lauren - shared an episode of The Truth podcast, inspired by our discussion about radio dramas. "In Good Hands"

Amy - shared an ep. Of 99% Invisible, "Penn Station Sucks"

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