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DC Listening Lounge began in the fall of 2004 by like-minded audio enthusiasts as an informal place to listen, experiment and learn more about the art and craft of sound. We continue to meet once a month in DC living rooms to share and listen to one another's latest audio finds- and to continue an ongoing conversation about sound and creative storytelling.

We always welcome curious visitors, eager listeners, and sound enthusiasts of all stripes and types. To join our mailing list or learn more about our monthly meetings, email us.


The December lounge was full of holiday hopes- imagine a time, before the holidays actually happened, when anything was possible. We started the night off with introductions coupled with the worst thing we've eaten or put in our mouths with the intent of consuming caloric value.

Tatyana – egg nog
Amy- uni, sea urchin, like pureed brain in color and texture
Francis- portobello mushrooms the texture and flavor “gooey weirdness”
Dave- grasshopper tacos from Oyamel (not to name names) were insanely salty (no salt added)
Bobak- a picky eater so most things are gross but ketchup was forced on him as a child and the sweet-salty taste makes him gag- reminds him of vomit on the way out Desiree- ground corn w leaf and peanut- from her time in Senegal for Peace corps (came to miss it though)
Name Redacted- not food but drugs- mushrooms- so disgusting that he couldn't actually eat them.
Kozmas- insects or Larvae, or chicken eggs served with a little chicken fetus in Philippines
Jocelyn- accidental aluminum foil to the tongue

DEC. Audio highlights:

Amy got things going with a listen to some of the top podcast picks of the year from Slate. We listened to 99% invisible's auditory tour of sounds that have moved from analogue to digital. We talked about bodies craving sound. Whispers versus enthusiasm- what do our bodies respond to most?

Tatyana and Peter (in absentia) shared a few minutes of audio from their collaboration with Forum Theatre with audio that explores gender fluidity. An interview with a trans woman who embraced her feminine side at nearly 50 years old and the process of bringing her children into the newness of that identity. The tape played reminded us all that the question "is there anything else you want to add?" can lead to a powerful story from the interview subject- don't forget to ask it!

Jocelyn shared a clip from a kitchen concert which featured her dad playing the family instruments of kitchen pots and pans like bells and gongs (a pastime that has always made the now, 72 yr old get a mischievous twinkle in his eye).

David took us all on an underground tour of the Dirkson building with some covert staff-subway recordings.

James shared with us his very first reported piece! It was a hit, exploring the Velvet Revolution of the Czech Republic and slipping in a star interview (thanks to his cocktail party stake out) with Madeline Albright. Congrats James and keep up the good work.

Amy wrapped the night up with an introduction to ASMR and a discussion of the impact of tiny sounds on the sensitive ears of many around the world and a memorable video of lady hands unwrapping a Kinder egg. If you're curious, google ASMR. She insists its not (primarily) a fetish thing.

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